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I am Yogesh Malviya from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh India. I studied mathematics and computer applications and I have a deep interest in philosophy and spirituality. I have felt from my childhood that I have been a traveller to a infinite world. I have felt that I have a strong sense to feel the power of the infinity and now my aim is to help others feel the same. There is no such events in my past which may attract others, which can be describe as story but yet I have much more indescribable things which I can give to others through this website. Something that is simple but meaningful, not attractive but significant. In order to gain this I have worked on many meditation techniques. I have practised hypnotherapy especially self hypnosis. By profession, I am a tutor. By nature, I am an author and I am progressive on a revolution by my ideas.


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Here we will share some ideas, some meditation methods, some experiences, some experiments, some music and some books that will lead you to the absolute aim of humanity. Of course, you will help us and I will help you

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The Idea about 'Infinity'...
Infinity is hypothetical but very beautiful concept. Infinity is the measure, before it all and everything becomes a dot, a pin point. Whatever you be, however you have done, you are a pin point before the infinity...
You are a pin point on the earth and the earth is a pin point on the Universe. Universe is also a pin point in front of 'Infinity'. So let's come and know yourself , know the Infinity...


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You do whatever you feel appropriate, let others do whatever they feel appropriate, just remember that your task should not interfere any other's task, other’s belief should not be broken because of you, even if it may be false belief*


Here are some useful links, (Audios and Videos) which can experience you the journey of along the infinity... Please listen and watch for an extraordinary experience...