Books by the Author…

The works are under publication.. You will see e books links soon…

In English…

  1. Beyond the fog.(Novel)
  2. Palace of playing cards.(Novellete)                                                        
  3.  The voice of the silence.(Poetry)
  4.  Loneliness (Autobiography part I )                          
  5.  Adventure of truth(Autbiography part II )
  6.  Dissolving in the Global truth(Autobiography-III)
  7.  Journey to infinity(Autobiography-IV)
  8.  Where is not he?(Autobiography-V)

In Hindi…

    1. Tash ka Mahal(Novel)
    2. Dhundh ke us paar(Novel)
    3. Sannaton Ki Aawazen(Poetry)
    4. Main aur meri tanhaai(Autobiography-I)
    5. Aaj ke yogi ki antaryatra(Autobiography-II)
    6. Param satya se sakshatkar(Autobiography-III)
    7. Anant ki yatra(Autobiography-IV)
    8. Wo kahan nahi hai?(Autobiography-V)